Zero Endierien Edit


Zero is an Elf who lives outside of Dale, in a small isolated hut (Shrub), he works for the guild until Dale is attacked and Zero is kidnapped, the reason for Zeros kidnapping has something to do with the location of the Elven Capital. After witnessing the death of a dear friend, Felicity, Zero spends his days trapped in a small cell in Neer's hide out.

Zero is a rather old elf (160), well past his prime he is slowly approaching the age in which elves begin to age rapidly (200). Little is known about Zero's up bringing but it is said he committed a taboo and was forced out of his home, the Elven Capital as elves only tend to venture the land when they've been forced out of their homes or banished.

The Elven Capital's location is a closely guarded secret by its people, Zero is no exception to this, their towns and cities are hidden using thick magical forests and a combination of illusion and nature magic.

Appearance Edit

Zero has average brown hair, dark purple eyes and only one eye, the other is hidden by his thick hair. Zero wears a black large robe with purple outlining around the edges. Zero's fashion sense is rather questionable but it serves it's purpose well.

Zero is a slightly above average height for an Elf (6ft 3in), his rather thin and isn't very muscular, Zero prefers darker clothing as he doesn't really care about his appearance. Zero's expression doesn't change very often, even in dire situations he appears incredibly calm, this is due to his lack of emotions.