Samuel “Clockeye” Altava Edit


Samuel was raised as a skyrate and was meant to become the next Captain but he refused and left, during his travels he was often met with discrimination and during an assault he lost his eye and half his tail. His life was saved by an old lady who lived in the Voidstone Clocktower, after she died he repaired the clock tower and remained in order to preserve it. Samuel adopted the persona “Clockeye”, people avoided the clock tower as they believed he was some kind of mad man.

He was often visited by his childhood friend, Neer, who over time his personality began to become darker and more menacing. At some point Clockeye met with Paige, a skilled yet strange golemancist who was incredibly temperamental, but despite that they managed to become friends and eventually they started a business together, however Clockeye kept to his tower as he hated crowds and did not wish to interact with the workers as the business expanded.

S1 Events Edit

After the attack on Dale rumours began to spiral around Voidstone about Clockeye being a former skyrate, people began to turn their attention towards him, including the annoying guild master Jason. However Paige continued to defend him, the two would often drink and talk every so often, however it wasn’t long after these events that Neer turned up. After Neer’s appearance things began to spiral out of control and eventually Neer returned once more, this time with a bigger task then ever for Clockeye.

Clockeye began manufacturing Golems for Neer, using Paige’s golem heart he would build a small army for Neer. During his time in the Skyrate Den he would often talk with Zero, a prisoner of Neer’s, encouraging Zero to eat to stay alive the two grew a strange friendship.

S2 Events Edit

Clockeye continued on with Neer, continuing to manufacture golems and assist in building the Dragon Heart.