Regina Stuad Edit


Regina is a half Angel, half Hybrid, after being rejected and abandoned by her parents she eventually met up with the skyrates, one person caught her eye more than anyone else within the group, Neer. After learning more about Neer and forging a connection Captain Reginald passed away, Neer left for some years but eventually he returned, Regina’s loyalty for Neer seemed unbreakable.

S1 Events Edit

Regina stayed by Neer’s side and never questioned why he attacked Dale, sometime later she was sent to obtain a tablet for Neer which forced her to encounter the heroes. After failing her mission and returning to Neer he gave her a second chance to obtain a tablet but after retrieving it for him he betrayed her and threw her back into the portal, destroying it as punishment for failing in the first place.

S2 Events Edit

Regina remains trapped in the portal, trying to cling to life she continues to fight off hordes of horrific monsters.