Paige Fenris Edit


Paige is a half drow, half human who joins up with Charm while she is attempting to go to Voidstone. Paige knows basic herblism and is a golem creator by trade, however she works odd jobs at the guild in order to better her standing in the community. Paige has lived in Voidstone for a little under 6 years, she is originally from the snowy taiga, a harsh place well suited for half breed drows much like her which resides on the borders of Elswere.

Paige helps Charm track down Neer while searching for the stolen Golem heart that Neer took during his attack on Voidstone, together with Malish the three set out across the harsh desert to find information on the mysterious box found in the underground cave and to find leads on Neer.

Appearance Edit

Paige has light grey hair, she wears her hair in a pony tail, she has pointy long ears, soft blue eyes and large scars across her chest and shoulders. Paige is slightly above average height for a Drow (6ft 3in) and tends to wear clothing exported from the Drow capital.

Paige's appearance is very feminine but on second glance its clear how rough around the edges she can appear, she tends to choose light clothing so she can be agile.