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Malish Tarr is a demon that accompanies Paige and Charm on their adventures beyond Voidstone. She is a special demon, one of few with wings, this is mainly because she wasn't born in Elswere, instead on a distant continent that is less advanced in technology.

While her wings are a rare sight in Elswere it is not unnatural for a demon born in Elswere to have wings, demon appearances may vary depending on their birth continent but occasionally demons will be born with unusual features outside of their family tree.

Malish lives a simple life tending to her farm and occasionally doing the odd job for the guild before she met Charm and Paige, little is known about her past, family or why she chooses to venture with the group.

Appearance Edit

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Malish has medium dark gray hair and orangy amber eyes, she has claws on her feet along with sharp claw like nails on her hands. While Malish does not have any horns she has a tail and small red and black wings which are more common in demons outside of Elswere.

Malish wears a thick armor, she is an unnatural height (7ft 1in) making her appear rather intimidating to smaller foes. Malish has wavy hair, despite her size she is actually quite pretty, if you ignore her fangs that is.

Fun Facts Edit

Malish is only able to fly for a small period of time as her wings are smaller she is easily exhausted, due to her large size it puts a drastic strain on her wings while she flies.

It is well known Malish likes eating creatures such as rats, this is seen as acceptable where she is from but isn't a common sight in Elswere.