Liara Syphere Edit


Liara grew up in a small hybrid town with her younger siblings she was the oldest, her mother was a Cat hybrid who worked for the guild and her father was a bunny hybrid who worked in taverns. Her parents separated from one another and during this time Liara became angry and confused, she ran away from home and joined the skyrates at a fairly young age.

Liara became an engineer and worked on Airships, constantly repairing damaged ships for the skyrates she became a useful asset in her own way as combat never really suited her.

Never once did she regret her choices, eventually when Neer returned to the skyrates she began to develop feelings for him, seeing the strong man he had grown up into.

S1 Events Edit

Liara remained loyal to the skyrates, remaining by Neer’s side she assisted best she could even after he burnt down Dale and attacked Voidstone, her loyalty remained unwavering. However she did feel bitter and confused the more Neer continued his rampage and discarded Altava and Regina, two people who she had looked up to greatly.

S2 Events Edit

After the attack on the Skyrate Den, Liara fled with Neer as combat wasn’t her field.