Jason Ragnok Edit


Jason is a full blooded Demon who is the guild master of Voidstone. Jason was born into a poor family in the slums of a human city, there he mixed in with numerous races, learning about their traditions and what makes them unique. He associated himself with a group of thugs, stealing what he wanted and beating down those he didn’t like. He caught the guilds attention when he killed someone unintentionally, the situation wasn’t supposed to turn the way it did and he regretted what happened. The gangs were actions began to become worse and the guild sent someone to put them down but by the time she arrived Jason had already done the job. Jason was hired by the guild for rehabilitation, travelling to different guilds across Elswere, making himself useful. Finally, Jason settled down in Voidstone and eventually to everyone’s surprise rose to the role of guild master when the previous master retired. Jason now delegates jobs outside the town to guild members and handles inside jobs himself.

S1 Events Edit

The group meet Jason when Paige introduces Charm to the Voidstone guild, Jason is a rather odd person, it’s unknown how he managed to keep the job as long as he has but throughout S1 Paige hints that it probably won’t always be the case. Jason often skims on paying guild members, he often tries to find loop holes so he doesn’t have to pay guild members, causing the number of members at Voidstone to be rather low. Jason gives the heroes various tasks before finally the mine is attacked, he claims to have met with Neer briefly before hand.

Within the mine they find artifacts of the past, Jason takes a sword from the room, he then instructs them to take one of the artifacts to the old elf living in the desert.

(Voiced by Atlas)