Felicity Kuruma Edit


Felicity was the guild master of Dale, she took over when she became old enough, following in her mother’s footsteps. Felicity’s mother was killed by a Grim, during this time she spent a lot of time with Zero until eventually she began to travel and learn more about being a guild leader.

When she took over as the guild master she managed to grow the members and slowly it was restoring to how it was formerly when her mother in charge.

S1 Events Edit

Felicity was in possession of a book that was left to her by her mother, the book contained knowledge of the Dragons. Felicity knew that someone was going to come for the book, she knew exactly who it would be, someone she had met many times before, one of the few people who knew she possessed it. Felicity burnt a few of the pages in the book, in hopes that should the book be stolen, they would never be able to complete the Dragon.

When Neer arrived at Dale she fought with him about the book, the two were interrupted by Charm and Zero. Later on Neer returned, requesting the book for the final time, when she refused Neer began to set the town alight. In a fierce battle against Neer, Charm and Zero arrived on the scene, she told the two to run, she lunged at Neer and was stabbed. Neer forcefully took the book, leaving her a memento from the past.

(Voiced by 12Bitcat)