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Charm is an angel who has set out to find her friend Zero, after an attack on her home town Dale, Charm is left alone. After venturing to Voidstone and meeting Paige and Malish she finds clues on her missing friend which eventually leads her on a journey to find the skyrates responsible for the attack on her home.

Charm was born to a well off family but after rebelling against her family and setting herself down a road of troubles she eventually started fresh in Dale. Charm became a school teacher and a guild member in Dale, however she lived outside of Dale, in a small tree house not far from the town.

Appearance Edit


Charm has dark red hair, she wears it up in a short pony tail underneath her hood, she wears thick blue robes with a green outlining around the edges. Charm has blue eyes and is rather short, she has long white wings with a faint blue tinge.

History Edit

Charm was born to a noble family but always longed for more, during a festival Charm witnessed a Grim escape and chased after it to watch the action, during this she met Rome. Charm began to rebel against her family, joining Rome for fun at the local tavern, this distressed her family and after a fight she left the Angel Island with Rome.

After stealing for Rome and finding out she was just using her they had a fight and Rome kicked her out, Charm ventured out on her own and was attacked by bandits.

After a short fight with the bandits, Charm was left injured in the middle of the woods, until a strange elf came to her rescue and took her back to Dale.